Control Panel Build

Control Panel Build

Maris offers a full array of choices that can help you fulfill your needs, whether it’s for build to print control panels or design and build per your specifications. Our panel build shop is well equipped with all the essential elements for on time, efficient control panel and enclosure builds. We can handle all types of materials, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and composite constructions. Our skilled technicians are well versed in panel layout, component mounting, point to point wiring and testing. AC, DC, high and low voltages, power distribution and wire management.

Here are some of the thing that we can offer, but not limited to:
  • Large and small control panel build with complete internal wiring
  • HMI Panel build with complete internal wiring
  • Panel enclosure Painting
  • Inert Gas control valve panels
  • Pneumatic control valve panels
  • Motor starter panels
  • Power disconnect boxes
  • Junction box build and wire
  • Print review and update
  • Lamacoid tag making
  • Ferrules for wire termination upon specification
These are some of the build standards that we can adhere to:
  • NFPA79 Standards
  • NEC Standards
  • UL Standard
  • UL Certified
  • CE standards
  • CE Certified

Core Competencies

Assembly systems are frequently combining some or all of our Core Competencies


We have the tools, personnel and processes in place for your assembly automation project.