When a new model or process is being implemented on existing equipment and it is impractical or too costly to decommission and ship equipment to a vendor for this effort to occur, the Maris team will help coordinate an onsite retrofit.

Maris also understands that production downtime costs money…Our Project Engineers will carefully plan onsite retrofits to minimize equipment downtime.

Field Service Work

At Maris our Engineers and Technicians are experienced in working at our clients’ sites around the world.

Equipment Relocation

Maris equipment relocation services can be customized to fit your project needs. Contact us to become your equipment relocation partner.


Our equipment gets installed all around the world. At the onset of a project, our Project Engineers are already thinking about how the equipment will be installed.

Maris team will help coordinate an onsite retrofit when an update to your existing equipment is impractical or too costly to decommission and ship.

Some examples plaguing throughput may include low-frequency programming bugs, operator inefficiencies, non-optimized designs or Vision related false rejects.

Need General Support?

Our field services coordinator can help coordinate either a planned visit during scheduled downtimes or more immediate support when necessary.


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