Product Development

Product Development

Have an idea for an industrial or consumer product you want to bring to market?

Let Maris’ proven Product Development Services show you how to make your dream a reality.

We’ll start with Design Development:
  • We will work with you to define your idea in engineering terms, creating a “Product Specification” to act as the guiding document of the design task.
  • Our experienced Mechanical Engineering Team will 3D model a concept following the “Product Specification”.
  • We will develop the control architecture and programming to State of the Art levels.
  • Frequent design reviews with cross-functional teams will critique and provide constructive input.

Prototype Build

  • You will benefit from our extensive network of suppliers with extremely cost-effective sourcing of commercial and fabricated components.
  • Our skilled in-house mechanical and control assembly groups will build it, providing expert fit, function, and control.
  • Your product will be put through its paces with testing plans developed and implemented right here.

Prototype Refinement

Updates to the prototype based on test results will expediently be incorporated and verified.

With your product now ready, it’s time for Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing & Logistics

Production Manufacturing Process design

  • Sourcing: Target Price Point Procurement
    • Commercial and Fabricated components
    • Finishing
  • Material presentation
  • Process flow
    • Right-sized labor content
  • Product testing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution

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