Maris has been a partner to the automotive industry for more than 30 years. From assembly to durability testing, our systems have been deployed globally to help our automotive clients achieve successful PPAPs and production launches.

Talk to us about our ready-to-deploy Mari-Flex flexible manufacturing solution. This modular platform was developed for the automotive industry to minimize non-value-added capital expenses, incorporate quick model change, accommodate vastly different model matrices, and even run different products from shift to shift. Change over tooling costs are truly optimized allowing you to quote new business at minimal costs once a product has reached its lifespan.


Maris Systems has a long resume of success stories in the Automotive industry include projects such as:

  • Cam Phasers Assembly and Test
  • Chain Tensioners
  • Fuel Injectors Gas
  • Fuel Injectors Diesel
  • Fuel Rails
  • Transfer Cases
  • Steering Systems
  • Throttle Bodies
  • Key Fob Assembly and Test
  • Fuel Pump Assembly and Test
  • Manifold Assemblies
  • Wiper Motor and Housing
  • Solenoid Driven Actuators
  • IAM Intake Air Modules
  • Tire Pressure Sensors
  • Automotive Connectors
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Radiator Cores
  • Control Modules
  • HVAC Modules
  • Durability Test stands
  • Gasket Dispense
  • Carbon Canister Assemblies
  • And many more…


From lean to mean, our systems have been deployed around the world to help some of the largest fortune companies achieve their production goals.

From Assembly to durability testing our systems have been deployed globally to help our automotive clients achieve successful PPAPs and Production launches.

Our attention to detail and understanding of stringent GAMP medical specifications make us the perfect partner for your assembly, test and packaging equipment needs.

Maris maintains an ITAR certification for both the Aerospace and Defence Industries. Our systems are designed to ensure that our client’s intellectual property stays secure.

Clients come to Maris with demanding timelines and difficult challenges, often with products that have never been manufactured in volume before.

Maris has a long history of working in the energy industry and we enjoy being part of the rapidly evolving Green Energy initiative.

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